Transport FAQs

Woohoo, I'm getting a foster animal, now what?

A day or so before your foster is transported, you will be added to a Facebook thread regarding the transport.  This thread will include all fosters, transporters, a transport coordinator and a foster coordinator.  

When the thread is started, please say "Hi" or give a thumbs to let the transport coordinator know that you are receiving the messages. 

How do I get supplies?

 If you need food, pee pads or other supplies, please mention it in the transport Facebook thread as soon as possible.  

Do I need to bring a kennel?

The safety of our foster families is our top priority during transport.  Animals should be crated at all times.  If you have a crate, please bring it with you. If you do not and you wish to use one, please notify the transport coordinator as soon as possible.  Due to our limited availability of crates, please return it to TMAR as soon as it is no longer in use.

Should you choose not to crate an animal in your vehicle, please be aware that TMAR cannot be responsible for the actions of loose animals within your vehicle. 

When and where do I pick up my foster?

Always verify but general locations are - 

Grand Forks, ND:  Simonson's Truck Stop at the intersection of I-29 and Gateway Drive


Fargo, ND: StaMart Travel Center at the intersection of I-29 and 12th Avenue

During transport, the driver will give updates with an estimated time of arrival.   Driver will also state a description of their vehicle so that you know what vehicle to look for.

I'm not able to pick up my foster at the designated time, now what?

Reach out within the Facebook thread immediately to see if someone is willing to hold your foster until you are able to pick it up.  

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