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Rizzo came into the rescue with a severe case of mange. Mange is a skin disease caused by tiny mites. It causes bald spots and skin sores and is incredibly itchy and miserable for the dog experiencing it. Rizzo would itch herself until she bled. She was transported to Grand Forks where she was treated by Dr. Gossard at All Pet's Animal Hospital and then placed into a loving foster home.

Rizzo's fosters gave her medication daily as well as a daily bath to help fight the mange and ease Rizzo's discomfort. She quickly began to feel better, her hair began growing back and her loving, wonderful spirit began to shine through!

After a few weeks in foster care, Rizzo was adopted by the most loving home in Grand Forks. She has a brother, Bugsy, who she loves dearly and is her best friend. Her wonderful parents actively involve her in agility training and she's already earned award ribbons in Rally Obedience and Barn Hunts! 

We are so proud of Rizzo, and so thankful for her new family as well as all of those that helped her in her journey to rescue. 

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