Fostering involves taking care of one of our rescue dogs until we can either adopt them to their "fur"ever homes or transport them to on of our partner rescues. That means providing them with lots of love and attention, and tending to their basic needs including providing food, water and shelter. 

How long would I foster for?


Although we try very hard to match dogs appropriately with Foster Volunteer preferences, fostering a dog or cat can range from an overnight stay (also known as “emergency stay”) up to 3 weeks or more depending on the situation. Typically we ask that you foster a dog until it is able to be adopted or until we can send them to a partner rescue for adoption.

What supplies do I need to foster?

TMAR provides foster volunteers with the items necessary to ensure the best foster success which includes: a collar, leash, and kennel, as well as transitioning food to ensure the dog can transition into the food of your choice. TMAR additionally pays for the dogs vet bills that have been pre-approved by TMAR. 

Why is fostering important?

A loving foster home provides a chance for our rescue dogs to begin healing from whatever situation they came from. Whether they were a stray that didn't know they could trust humans, an abused or neglected dog that doesn't know how much love a good human can provide, or a starving and sick dog that just needs some food and care, fostering is critical to the start of their recovery and healing process. 

How do I sign up?

To begin fostering, please fill out our foster application online (please do not print and mail the application) and also join our Facebook group to stay informed of when foster homes are needed.

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