Disaster Field Responder Application

​Minimum Requirements

  • Must be 18+ Ability to travel nationwide with little to no advance notice

  • A minimum commitment of 7 consecutive days

  • High levels of flexibility and professionalism

  • Willingness to work flexible hours, long days and weekends

  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Ability to cope with physically and mentally challenging work environment

  • Ability to create and maintain a positive and collaborative work environment

  • May be required to complete background check and a motor vehicle report

  • CPR/First Aid Disaster services experience

  • Animal handling experience Shelter operations experience

  • Deployment May Also Involve Working with and around animals, some fractious or diseased

  • Exposures to zoonotic diseases (possible transmission to humans)

  • Working in extreme hot or cold temperatures for long periods

  • Wearing personal protective equipment for long periods

  • Walking up to several miles over uneven terrain

  • Standing, bending, reaching

  • Lifting up to 50 lbs.

Come Work With Us

Skills and Experiences



Please rate your skill levels and seelct the level of experience accordingly. The more information you provide us about your experience, the better we are able to plan for operations, and place you in a role that best fits your skill set. Please consider carefully whether you comfortable and experienced to perform the skills you are selecting in a deployment setting. Volunteers who are deployed and are not able to perform the essential functions of their role create challenges for daily operations. 


Expert Handler: Minimum 3 years consistently handling species and knowledge of animal behavior. Physical ability and knowledge to properly and humanely handle high risk animals (fractious, aggressive, fearful, etc) and trained to utilize specialized equipment as needed (control pole, feral box, break stick, etc).

Intermediate Handler: Minimum 1 year consistently handling species. Comfortable handling animals of varying behaviors (high arousal, fear, etc). General knowledge of animal behavior. 

Beginner Handler: Less than 1 year consistently handling species and/or minimal shelter handling experience. Beginner handling and minimal animal behavior knowledge. 


We want to learn more about your current and past work/volunteer experiences. Be sure to list your current employment, and any animal welfare organizations you are or have been involved with in the past and list each position you have served in separately (EX: South Denver Horse Rescue | 2012-2015 | Volunteer Manager, Employee)

Organization Name

Length of involvement


Please list the types of species you come into contact with regularly and the frequency then list the number of years you have spent handling that type of animal.


Years of Handling Experience

Please indicate which field rescue items your have experience in
Please indicate which logistic items you have experience in:
Please indicate which human safety/medical items you have experience in:
Please indicate which administration items you have experience in:

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