Cat Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a cat from Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. Please read the following closely and answer the following questions. 


It may take us up to 1-3 weeks to process your application, as we will check in with your veterinarian and references before we get back to you. 


Applicant is under no obligation to adopt a cat, and Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue is under no obligation to provide a cat to applicant. Cats may be suggested to the applicant based on this application and may differ from cats requested if we believe that a different cat would be a better match.

Geographical areas that have fewer than 6 foster homes will not be eligible to have their cat transported directly to them and will be asked to arrange appropriate transportation to pick up their cat up at it’s foster home.

If your application is approved and you’re deemed eligible to adopt a TMAR cat we will send you an email as soon as that process is complete (1-3 weeks). We appreciate in advance your patience.

If you are approved to adopt a TMAR cat but did not get the cat you initially requested, we will send you an e-mail of your pre-approval. Should a cat come up for adoption in the future, you do not need to re-apply, just send us an email to stating that you are pre-approved and would like to be considered for a specific cat.  Pre-approved applicants will have priority for all newly available cats listed for adoption. Within 24 hours of listing a new animal up for adoption on our webpage, we will process pre-approved requests based on the date we first received your application, then all new applications will be considered after 24 hours if no pre-approved applicant is interested.

Please let your references know that we will be calling. Adoptions will not be approved without completed reference checks. TMAR reserves the right to request additional references and complete a background check.

Please know that we are a 100% volunteer organization and it may take a few days to a few weeks to fully process your application,  as we will check in with your veterinarian and references before we get back to you. Please note that all applicants are required to go through a live interview and home visit before being approved to adopt cats.


Applications will only be considered after receiving the application fee for each applicant and not before.

Adopter agrees that at NO point in time, will adopter seek out a veterinarian to perform a declawing procedure. TMAR does NOT support or advocate for the unnecessary practice of declawing animals. If you are seeking to adopt an animal with the intent of declawing in the future, we ask that you abandon this application immediately.

During the day, where will the cat be kept? (Select All That Apply)

How many hours per day and how many days per week will the cat be left without human companionship?

Household Information

How long have you lived at this residence?

Do you rent or own? (If you Renters or live in a mobile home park you must provide a letter from your landlord/owner of park that states you are able to have the type of pet you are looking to adopt.)
Is everyone in your household aware of and on board with your intentions to adopt a cat?
Does anyone in the household that the cat will be residing in have any pet-related allergies?
Reference Information

Please provide two personal references whom we may contact (both references can not be related to you):*

Please let your references know that we will be calling, so they are not surprised to receive a call from an unknown phone number. Adoptions will not be approved without completed reference checks. TMAR reserves the right to request additional references and complete a background check

Reference 1

Reference 2

Adoption Information
What age ranges would you be interested in adopting (check all that apply):
Are you willing to work with behavioral issues that may arise?
Have you ever given away, surrendered, or euthanized a pet?

Veterinary Info of current pets OR where you will receive veterinary care for your new cat:

TMAR Adoption Contract

In no way does filling out this contract mean that you are approved to adopt a TMAR cat. If you are approved to adopt a TMAR cat and an adoption is finalized, no further paperwork will be needed. TMAR will keep record of the adopted cat, name and description and this contract. If you wish to have a copy of this contract please send an email to If an adoption is finalized, on the day of the exchange the foster family will provide all relevant known details about the cat including any veterinary care. However, in many circumstances, a TMAR cat will not have known care.

Please select Acknolwedgement Box for each of the below statements

Adopter will arrange for adequate care for the cat when leaving for an extended period and will not leave cat crated for more than 8 hours at a time, except at bedtime. Cat will not be used, given away, or sold for the purpose of experimentation or fighting.

Adopter will assert no claim, charge, or demand of any kind against Rescue or its agents for any expenses that have been incurred by the ADOPTER, including veterinary fees, in connection with the cat once the adoption is finalized.

Rescue reserves the right to terminate the agreement and to reclaim the cat at any point with no legal commitment to any monetary refund. If, for any reason, the adoption is not found to be satisfactory for the cat and/or the ADOPTER, the cat must be returned to Rescue. No refund will be made. Adoption fees are final.

Adopter agrees to provide Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue with a veterinarian’s letter or other proof that spay/neuter has been completed. This can be emailed to

Adopter assumes all financial responsibility for the spay/neuter surgery. If adopter fails to spay/neuter within the given time frame Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue has the right to terminate ownership of cat.

I fully and completely release Rescue and its agents/volunteers harmless from any claim, cause, or demand as a result of my adoption, ownership, care, maintenance or retention of the cat. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the adoption agreement. *By filling out this form and typing in my name I agree that my typed name into this application and contract is the equivalent of a binding signature.

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